Duwamish Blueprint

Image of cover of the Duwamish Blueprint  Cover

WRIA 9 and the Duwamish Blueprint Working Group have updated the 2006 draft of the Duwamish Blueprint: Salmon Habitat in the Duwamish Transition Zone, and the final document is available. Included with the Blueprint document are Appendix A (Project List), Appendices B-D (Scientific Basis, Revegetation Recommendations, Meeting Summaries), and the Reach Maps.

The Duwamish Blueprint is available in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format.

Download Here:

Executive Summary (November 2014) (1.08 MB)

Duwamish Blueprint (November 2014) (1.88 MB)

Appendix A: Project List (475 KB)

Appendix B: Scientific Basis (157 KB)

Appendix C: Revegetation Recommendations (22 KB)

Appendix D: Meeting Summaries (446 KB)

Reach Maps:

Contact Matt Goehring at mgoehring@kingcounty.gov with questions about the Blueprint.