Funding Mechanisms

Current resources are insufficient to implement the Salmon Habitat Plan in a timely manner. Slow implementation jeopardizes regional salmon recovery and Puget Sound recovery.

To address this lack of resources, the WRIA 9 Watershed Ecosystem Forum in 2009 began exploring possible funding mechanisms.

Investments in watershed health and salmon habitat recovery also yield long-term and substantial benefits in terms of ecosystem goods and services.

Draft Watershed Investment District Legislation

WRIA 9 worked with other watersheds in Central Puget Sound to create the following draft legislation authorizing the creation of watershed investment districts to address the lack of resources for salmon recovery and other watershed priorities:

Funding Mechanism Analysis

Funding Mechanism Discussions

The Watershed Ecosystem Forum discussed the funding mechanisms at meetings beginning in 2009. The following meeting notes summarize discussion about funding:

Ecosystem Goods and Services

Much of the rationale for developing a funding mechanism rests on the significant ecosystem goods and services generated by the land and waters of the Green/Duwamish and Central Puget Sound Watershed. Discussion and analysis of these ecosystem goods and services are detailed in two previous documents:

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