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Streamlined Permitting and Incentives for Green Shorelines

How does the Army Corps of Engineers' Permitting Process Work?

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' permits are necessary for any work "in the Nation's navigable waters". In most cases, you will want to check first with the Corps' nearest district regulatory office: Seattle District Regulatory Program.

To obtain a permit, see: Obtain a Permit.

In some cases, the Corps' "nationwide permits" cover activities that have minimal effect on the environment. To learn about the nationwide permits, visit: Nationwide Permit Information

For more information about Corps of Engineers' permits, visit: Regulatory Program Frequently Asked Questions.

What Incentives are Available for Restoring my Shoreline?

Government Grants:

You may want to check with the following organizations that have traditionally funded shoreline projects. In most cases, landowners will need to partner with non-profit agencies.

Permitting Incentives:

Contact your local jurisdiction to see if they offer Green Shorelines incentives:

Other agencies to contact:

Tax Breaks:

Lakeshore restoration projects may be eligible for a tax reduction through King County's Public Benefit Rating System. In this program, restored areas are taxed at their "current use" rather than their "highest and best use."