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Benefits of Green Shorelines

Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish are regional treasures. The lakes provide opportunities for recreation, beautiful views, and habitat for salmon and other fish and wildlife. Over the past century, people have built houses along the lakes because of the opportunities for recreation and enjoyment that they provide.

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Design: The Watershed Company, Photo: City of Seattle Design and Photo: Dar Webb Landscape Architects Design: The Watershed Company, Photo: City of Seattle

As homes were built, people altered the lakeshore by removing trees and dead wood from the shorelines and by building bulkheads. Concrete or rock wall bulkheads negatively impact fish and wildlife habitat. They can actually accelerate erosion by increasing wave energy. More sustainable Green Shoreline alternatives use live plants, beaches, and wood to protect houses while improving habitat for native fish and wildlife, views, and recreational opportunities. Green shoreline alternatives are designed to create a more gradual sloping shoreline and overhanging vegetation to provide protected, shallow water habitat needed by juvenile Chinook salmon and a food source for native birds and wildlife. Benefits of Green Shorelines for Property Owners:

Watch the Green Shores video from British Columbia.

Why Do Chinook Salmon Need Green Shorelines?

What Do Green Shorelines Look Like?