Priorities moving forward
Implementation Progress Report 2006-2015

Chinook salmoin in the riffles

In late 2015, the WRIA 8 Technical Committee hosted a forum of fisheries scientists and technical experts working in the watershed. Participants heard about the latest research on Chinook salmon recovery challenges and brainstormed priority actions and areas of investigation for consideration in the WRIA 8 Ten-Year Plan Update. They ranked the most important uncertainties and technical barriers limiting recovery as follows:

First-tier priorities

Second-tier priorities

Other potential limiting factors

The WRIA 8 Technical Committee will use this information in 2016 to develop monitoring and research priorities for the WRIA 8 Ten-Year Plan Update.

Ballard Locks

Locks need repair. Major repairs are needed to the 100-year-old Hiram M. Chittenden (Ballard) Locks (pdf) to ensure the safe passage of adult and juvenile salmon into and out of the watershed. Failure of key infrastructure at the Locks would have significant economic and environmental consequences for the entire region. Funding for this federal facility has been limited.