Near-Term Action Agenda for Salmon Habitat Conservation

Cover - Near Term Action Agenda for Salmon Habitat ConservationThe WRIA 8 Near-Term Action Agenda for Salmon Conservation (NTAA) was published in August 2002, after more than a year of collaborative discussions among elected officials, jurisdictional and agency staff, business and environmental groups, scientists, and concerned citizens.

From 2002-2005 the NTAA recommended near term actions to local governments and interested organizations and citizens on interim measures to improve salmon habitat while the long-term comprehensive Chinook Salmon Conservation Plan was being developed. Included in the NTAA are:

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Executive Summary (1.2mb)

Chapter 1 - Introduction (1.3 mb)

Map 1 - Lake Washington/Cedar/Sammamish Watershed (1 mb, color)

Map 2 - WRIA 8 Projects Funded Through Regional Process (800k, color)

Chapter 2- Near Term Strategy (1.3 mb)

Chapter 3 - General Action (1.2 mb)

Chapter 4. Project and Research Recommendations Specific to Subareas (1.8 mb)

Map 3 - WRIA 8 Subareas and Urban Growth Area (800k, color)

Map 4 - Nearshore and Locks Subareas (704k)

Map 5 - Ship Canal/Lake Union Subarea (512k)

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Map 7 - Lake Sammamish Subarea (640k)

Map 8 - Sammamish River Subarea (768k)

Map 9a - Cedar River Subarea - Lower (1 mb)

Map 9b - Cedar River Subarea - Upper (1.7 mb)

Map 10 - Bear Creek Subarea (832k)

Map 11 - Issaquah Creek Subarea (864k)

Map 12 - Little Bear Creek Subarea (576k)

Map 13 - North Creek Subarea (640k)

Map 14 - Swamp Ccreek Subarea (640k)

Map 15 - Kelsey Creek Subarea (640k)

Chapter 5. Regulatory and Policy Recommendations (1.2 mb)

Chapter 6. Education and Public Involvement (1.3 mb)

Chapter 7. Adaptive Management, Monitoring, and Research (1.2 mb)

Chapter 8. Implementation Resources (1.3 mb)

Chapter 9. Acknowledgements (1.2 mb)

Chapter 10. Bibliography (1.2 mb)

Chapter 11. Glossary (1.2 mb)

Appendix A: Evolution of WRIA 8 Watershed-Based Planning (1.1 mb)

Appendix B: WRIA 8 Salmon Conservation Planning: How It Fits in with Related Efforts (1.1 mb)

Appendix C: Legal Drivers for Salmon Conservation Planning in WRIA 8 (1.1 mb)