Snoqualmie 2015: Building for Salmon Recovery and Watershed Health

Snoqualmie 2015 Report Cover

The Snoqualmie 2015 report outlines a 10-year vision for safeguarding the Snoqualmie watershed's remaining natural resources and restore habitat for salmon listed under the Endangered Species Act.

The report provides descriptions, maps, status and budget and contact information for dozens of projects in the Snoqualmie watershed. The report covers:


Snoqualmie 2015 is available in Adobe Acrobat format and is provided in sections below for faster download. (For help using Acrobat files, please visit our Acrobat help page.)


Project Lists

Early Action Habitat Restoration Projects Led by King County

  1. Camp Gilead Off Channel Reconnection
  2. Cherry Creek Floodplain Restoration
  3. Cherry Creek Mouth Restoration
  4. Cherry Valley Dairy Stream Enhancement
  5. Cherry Valley Pump and Flood Gate Facility
  6. Chinook Bend Reach Restoration
  7. Coe-Clemons Creek Restoration
  8. Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CERP) Plantings
  9. Deer Creek Channel Relocation
  10. East Fork Weiss Creek Fish Passage Improvement
  11. Gonneson Revetment Removal
  12. Harris Creek Tributary Fish Passage Improvement
  13. HerbCo Farm
  14. Jubliee Farm Riparian Restoration
  15. Lower Raging River Restoration
  16. Lower Snoqualmie Restoration and Maintenance
  17. Lower Tolt River Floodplain Reconnection
  18. McCormick Park Restoration
  19. McElhoe/Person Levee Setback
  20. Middle Fork Snoqualmie River Valley Invasive Weed Removal Project
  21. NE 52nd Place Fish Passage Improvement
  22. NE 67th Place Fish Passage Improvement

    Early Action Habitat Restoration Projects Led by Other Organizatons
  23. Oxbow Farm Channel Enhancement
  24. Raging River Kerriston Reach Restoration
  25. Raging River Preston Reach Restoration
  26. Ribary Creek Restoration
  27. Salmon-Safe Certification and Marketing
  28. Sandy Cove Park Restoration
  29. Shared Goats for Snoqualmie Salmon
  30. Snoqualmie River Byers Riparian Restoration
  31. Snoqualmie River Fall City Reach Reconnection
  32. Snoqualmie River Footbridge Off Channel Reconnection
  33. Snoqualmie River Riparian Restoration on Agricultural Lands
  34. Snoqualmie Tribal Community Conservation Corps
  35. Stillwater Habitat Restoration
  36. Stout Property Riparian Restoration
  37. Three Forks Natural Area Restoration
  38. Tolt River Natural Area Floodplain Reconnection
  39. Tolt River Restoration
  40. Wetlands Enhancement and Creation at Chinook Bend Natural Area

    Early Action Habitat Protection Projects Led by King County
  41. Fall City Natural Area Acquisition
  42. Patterson Creek-State DNR Land Acquisition
  43. Patterson Creek-Stevlingson Acquisition
  44. Raging River-Preston Reach Acquisition
  45. Snoqualmie River-Gonneson Levee Acquisition
  46. Stossel Creek Acquisitions
  47. Tolt River Natural Area Acquisitions
  48. Tolt River-San Souci Acquisitions

    Early Action Habitat Protection Projects Led by Other Organizations
  49. City of Snoqualmie Natural Area Acquisitions
  50. Lower Tolt River Acquisition

To request a paper copy of this report, please contact Maureen Dahlstrom.