2023 Funding Opportunities

Cooperative Watershed Management (CWM) Grant Program

Do you have an idea for habitat protection? Education? Outreach? Or another novel idea to help salmon in the Snoqualmie or Skykomish South Fork watersheds?

The Snoqualmie Watershed Forum is pleased to announce the 2023 CWM grant for salmon protection and restoration!

The King County Flood Control District has approved $2,131,433 to fund watershed restoration and protection projects in the Snoqualmie & South Fork Skykomish Watersheds in the 2023 CWM grant round. Projects are selected annually by the Snoqualmie Watershed Forum and then recommended to the Flood Control District for funding approval.

Project Applications

The 2023 CWM grant round is open November 17, 2022 – March 20, 2023.

A Notice of Intent to Apply (NOI) is required and due January 23, 2023.

For details on projects and their eligibility, application instructions, and scoring, please see the most relevant request for proposal (RFP) type below. Let us know if you have any questions. Contact Erin Ryan-Peñuela, Project Coordinator, 206-477-5284.

Request for Proposals:

Total funding available for capital projects: approx. $1,705,146

  1. Capital Projects: Restoration and Protection RFP
  2. Capital Projects: Riparian Restoration RFP

Total funding available for Monitoring and Assessments: approx. $319,715

  1. Monitoring and Assessments RFP

Total funding available for Education and Outreach projects: approx. $106,571

  1. Education and Outreach RFP

CWM Grant Application and Program Resources

  1. Overview
  2. Application Forms
    • All application forms including notice of intent, final application, and any supplemental materials can be found through the King County CWM grants online portal.

Grant Administration

About CWM Funding and Eligibility

The Snoqualmie Watershed Forum will allocate $2,131,433 in King County Flood Control District funds to support:

Among the highest funding priorities will be those projects or programs that promote chinook and bull trout recovery as outlined in the Snohomish River Basin Salmon Conservation Plan, including the 2015 Snohomish Basin Protection Plan and the 2017 Snohomish Basin Climate Change report. In addition, actions that benefit steelhead trout and other salmonids are important as well as water quality improvements consistent with the Forum’s Snoqualmie Watershed Water Quality Synthesis Report.

For more information, please contact Erin Ryan-Peñuela, Snoqualmie Watershed Forum Project Coordinator at 206-477-5284.

Additional funding opportunities:

Examples of Past Cooperative Watershed Management (CWM) Projects:

Previous years’ grant recommendations

Cherry Valley
See the Cherry Valley Revival video for several examples of projects that received CWM funding support in the Cherry Valley (including Waterwheel Creek Restoration project and the lower Cherry Creek Restoration project).

Restoration on Griffin Creek
King CountyWild Fish Conservancy*, and the WDFW Jobs for the Environment Program worked with three agricultural landowners along Lower Griffin Creek to restore riparian habitat and reduce flooding problems on 80 acres of farmland. Funding was provided by the Salmon Recovery Funding Board* and the King Conservation District.*

BEFORE: Eroded stream banks caused flooding and water quality problems.

AFTER: A 400 foot bank was reconstructed and more than 8,000 native plants were planted to restore this reach.