Watershed Ecosystem Forum


Organization Name Title
City of Algona Jimmy Griess, Delegate Public Works Director
Diana Quinn, Alternate City Administrator/Clerk Treasurer
City of Auburn Chris Stearns /Co-Chair Councilmember
Jeff Tate, Alternate Community Development Director
City of Black Diamond Tamie Deady, Delegate Councilmember
City of Burien Sarah Moore, Delegate Councilmember
Maiya Andrews, Alternate Public Works Director
City of Covington

Jennifer Harjehausen, Delegate

City of Des Moines Andrew Merges, Alternate Public Works Director
City of Enumclaw Chris Searcy, Delegate City Administrator
Ed Hawthorne, Alternate Public Works Director
City of Federal Way Lydia Assefa-Dawson, Delegate Councilmember
EJ Walsh, Alternate Deputy Public Works Director
City of Kent Dana Ralph, Delegate Councilmember
Mike Mactutis, Alternate Environmental Engineering Manager
King County Dow Constantine, Delegate County Executive
Dave Upthegrove, Alternate 1 Councilmember
Josh Baldi, Alternate 2 Water and Land Division Director
City of Maple Valley Vacant  
City of Normandy Park Earnest Thompson, Delegate Councilmember
Ken Courter, Alternate Parks & Community Development Director
City of Renton Valerie O'Halloran, Delegate Councilmember
Ron Straka, Alternate Utility Engineering Supervisor
City of Sea Tac Erin Sitterly, Delegate Mayor
Will Appleton, Alternate Public Works Director
City of Seattle Lisa Herbold, Delegate /Co-Chair Councilmember
Martha Neuman, Alternate Senior Policy Advisor
Tacoma Public Utilities Tyler Patterson, Delegate Environmental Programs Manager
Jesse Narog, Alternate Watershed Services Manager
City of Tukwila Allan Ekberg, Delegate Councilmember
American Rivers Wendy McDermott, Delegate Director, Rivers of Puget Sound & Columbia Basin
Brandon Parsons, Alternate Representative
The Boeing Company Katie Moxley, Delegate Representative
Covington Water District Steve Lee, Delegate Planning & Development Engineering Supervisor
Marc Marcantonio, Alternate Fish Passage Liason
Green River Coalition Greg Wingard Delegate
Green/Duwamish Watershed Alliance James Rasmussen, Delegate Representative
Green/Duwamish Urban Waters Partnership Weston Brinkley, Delegate Ambassador
King Conservation District Burr Mosby, Delegate Supervisor, Board of Supervisors
Kirstin Haugen, Alternate Board of Supervisors
Master Builders Association Vacant  
Mid-Sound Fisheries Enhancement Group Noel Gilbrough, Delegate Vice President, Board of Directors
Sarah Heerhartz, Alternate Executive Director
Port of Seattle Sandy Kilroy, Delegate Maritime Director
Paul Meyer, Alternate 1 Envionmental Project Manager
George Blomberg, Alternate 2 Environmental Project Manager
SHADOW (Save Habitat and Diversity of Wetlands) Max Prinsen, Delegate Director, Board of Directors
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Nathan Malmborg, Delegate Senior Project Manager
Jeff Dillon, Alternate Representative
WA State Department of Ecology Cleo Neculae, Delegate Water Cleanup Lead (TMDL)
WA State Department of Fish & Wildlife Stewart Reinbold, Delegate Southern District Team Supervisor
WA State Department of Natural Resources Vivian Roach, Delegate DNR Land Manager
Heather Saunders, Alternate KC Shoreline District Manager