Nearshore Boat Tour

The salmon recovery group for the Green/Duwamish River & Central Puget Sound Watershed held a “Nearshore Boat Tour” (the nearshore is a term to generally describe the ecological interactions among the bluffs, beaches, and shallow marine water areas of Puget Sound) on Thursday, August 11. The chartered Argosy cruise boat begin the tour at Pier 55. The tour featured several large capital projects that have been built and projects slated for construction in the near future to restore marine habitat critical for a healthy Puget Sound.

Argosy tour boatThe tour was sponsored by the Forum of Local Governments, the Watershed Ecosystem Forum of the Green-Duwamish River and Central Puget Sound Watershed (WRIA 9), the King Conservation District, US Forest Service Pacific Northwest Station, and Filson. The tour educated 100 plus attendees about nearshore habitat restoration and its importance to the health of Puget Sound. On board were federal, tribal, state and local elected officials and high-level administrators as well as business and environmental group leaders.

Subject matter experts and speakers in attendance included a private property owner who has voluntarily restored her beach and bluff property.

Tour Route and Background Info

Nearshore boat tour mapThe Nearshore Boat Tour returned this year after 13 years. The tour in 2003 set a new benchmark for the social and political knowledge of and support for Puget Sound restoration in general, and nearshore restoration in particular. The 2016 tour showcased the excellent work that the restoration community has accomplished since 2003 and what lies ahead, including the collaboration and partnerships that must be formed and maintained over the long haul in order to restore Puget Sound.