Known Freshwater Distribution of Salmon and Trout

We produced these maps to create a consistent, shared understanding of what is known and not known about salmon and trout distribution and to Identify areas where improvements to hydrographic information (e.g., channel location and configuration) are and are not needed. This is an initial step toward a longer term WRIA-based effort to produce regular updates to maps depicting salmon and trout distribution and hydrography and make them available to a broad audience.

Salmon and Trout Maps

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Cutthroat Trout



Process for Compiling Salmonid Distribution Maps

The initial steps of salmonid distribution mapping project relied primarily upon the direct knowledge of technical staff regarding distribution, documentation of distribution in reports and studies, and existing depictions (i.e., GIS layers) of river and stream channel location and configuration. To gather this information, technical staff from jurisdictions, agencies, tribes and stakeholder groups participated in an information-sharing workshop in May of 1999. At the initial workshop, only data from 1985 to 1999 was included. In February of 2000, the WRIA 8 Technical Committee met and decided to include data from 1970 to 2000 as long as the data was collected under standard protocols. This was done due to the large numbers of surveys in the early 70's done by WDFW.

The fish data on the map is represented with lines and points. Each point has specific data corresponding to it in the data table. The table includes the source of the sighting, stream name, and a description of the sighting. Many of the points also have information on the lifestage and year of the sighting. These categories were added after the initial workshop so not all the points have this data. The only fish attribute shown on the maps is first and second hand distribution information. First hand data (red) represents fish seen by the source in the data table. Second hand data (green) represents information given to the source by another person (i.e. fishermen, homeowners).

List of Participants for the Fish Distribution Maps

Name Organization
Anderson, Jessica King County DNR
Bauman, Kerry King County DNR
Berge, Hans King County DNR
Bikle, Anne King County DNR
Bixler, Eric Seattle Public Utilities
Brewer, Scott King County DNR
Carrasco, Ken King County DNR
Chase, Richard City of Kent
Clayton, Geoff Seattle Chamber of Commerce
Connor, Ed R2 Resource Consultants
Conroy, Steve King County DDES
Cutler, Jennifer Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission
Dutton, Bob King County Dept. of Transportation
Finney, Don King County DDES
Fisher, Larry Wash. Dept. of Fish and Wildlife
Foley, Steve Wash. Dept. of Fish and Wildlife
Fresh, Kurt Wash. Dept. of Fish and Wildlife
Fritz, Rob King County Dept. of Transportation
Gagner, Mike R2 Resource Consultants
Gilbert, Steve King County DNR
Haemmerle, Howard King County Dept. of Transportation
Heller, Ray King County DNR
Higgins, Kollin King County DNR
Houck, Doug King County DNR
Johnson, Alan King County DDES
Kerwin, John Conservation Commission
Kurko, Keith Seattle Public Utilities
Lackey, Brent King County DNR
Lakey, Kirk WDFW
Leonetti, Frank Snohomish County SWM
Lester, Deb King County DNR
Lombard, John King County DNR
Lucchetti, Gino King County DNR
Lynch, Katherine Seattle Public Utilities
Managhan, Josh King Conservation District
Martz, Merri U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Mattila, Jim King County DNR
Mavros, Bill King County DNR
Mighetto, Lisa Historical Research Associates
Miller, Tina King County DNR
O'Laughlin, Kate King County DNR
O'Rollins, Laird King County DNR
Ostergaard, Elissa King County DNR
Paulsen, Kit City of Bellevue Utilities
Pfeifer, Bob Wash. Dept. of Fish and Wildlife
Poels, Greg King County DDES
Priest,Bill King County DNR
Schneider, Larry Wash. Dept. of Fish and Wildlife
Sprague, Wes King County DNR
Steiner, David Adopt-A-Stream
Steward, Cleve Sustainable Fisheries Foundation
Tabor, Roger U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Tiffany, Chris King County DDES
Walter, Karen Muckleshoot Indian Tribe
Warner, Eric Muckleshoot Indian Tribe
White, Jean King County DNR

Kollin Higgins, Project Manager, King County DNR
Ken Rauscher, GIS analyst, King County DNR
Megann Devine, King County DNR