WRIA 8 Salmon Recovery Council Documents

Meeting Announcement:

Thursday, November 15, 2018
3:00-5:15 PM Meeting

Mercer Island Community Center
8236 SE 24th Street, Mercer Island

Mercer Island Community Center
Parking is FREE.

Packet Contents:

  1. Agenda
  2. September 20, 2018 SRC Meeting Notes
  3. WRIA 8 CWM Funding Guidance November 2018
  4. WRIA 8 State Legislative Priorities Letter and Factsheet
  5. WRIA 8 Federal Legislative Priorities Letter and Factsheet
  6. November Updates and Committee Report
  7. WRIA 8 Comments on Orca Task Force Draft Report
  8. WRIA 8 Comments on Draft 2018-2022 Action Agenda for Puget Sound
  9. PSAR 2018 Info Sheet
  10. PSAR Riverbend Floodplain Restoration Project Sheet
  11. WRIA 8 SRC Decision Memo on SRC Meeting Times
  12. Draft 2019 SRC Meeting Schedule
  13. Draft 2019 SRC Meeting Topics
  14. WRIA 8 Letter to SRFB in support of Meadowdale Beach and Estuary Restoration Project
  15. WRIA 8 letter to WDFW regarding monitoring, research, and management priorities
  16. Snohomish County letter to WRIA 8 Partners
  17. WRIA 8 letter to WRIA 8 Partners regarding Snohomish County letter
  18. Snohomish County Surface Water Management Business Plan Summary
  19. Regional Surface Water Rates

The full packet is also accessible.


  1. Snohomish County Surface Water Management Business Plan & Budget, by Gregg Farris, Snohomish County
  2. King County Surface Water Management 2019-2020 Budget Increase, by Josh Baldi, King County
  3. Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) - Our Role in WRIA 8, by Joe Miles, DNR
  4. Bird Island Shoreline Enhancement Project, by Monica Shoemker, DNR

Meeting Overview:

Major agenda items are: decision on Cooperative Watershed Management grant program funding guidance for 2019; decision on draft letters to state legislators in WRIA 8, leadership of key budget and natural resource committees, and Congressional delegation to share 2019 state and federal legislative priorities; decision on 2019 SRC meeting time; discussion of 2019 SRC meeting topics; discussion and decision on letters to Salmon Recovery Funding Board and Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife; discussion on Snohomish County Surface Water Management budget; discussion on King County 2019/2020 Surface Water Management rate proposal; discussion on Department of Natural Resources' role in WRIA 8; and success story of the Bird Island Shoreline Restoration Project on Lake Washington.

Upcoming Meetings:

Tentatively: Salmon Recovery Council, Thursday, January 17, 2018, 2:00 p.m. to 4:15 p.m., Department of Ecology, Northwest Regional Office, Puget Sound Room 1ABC, 3190 160th Ave. SE, Bellevue, WA.

Mailing List:

If you did not receive this packet directly but would like to for future meetings, please contact Laura West, at 206-477-7574, or by e-mail lwest@kingcounty.gov.