Fall is here, and salmon are returning to streams and rivers around Puget Sound. Watch for these natural beauties at viewing sites listed here - and cheer them on if you see them!

See coho, sockeye and Chinook salmon in Redmond

Dates: September and October
Location: Sammamish River Trail in Redmond
Contact: For more information contact Peter Holte at 425-556-2822 or pholte@redmond.gov (reachable during business hours).
spawning sockeye salmon

You may be able to see adult coho, sockeye, and Chinook salmon in September and October as they migrate up the Sammamish River to their spawning grounds in Bear Creek. Contact Peter Holte, City of Redmond, for current information on where salmon have been seen, and when and where expert city staff will be available to answer questions. Metro Bus Routes B, 221, 232, 243, 248, and 930 and Sound Transit Routes 542 and 545 stop nearby.

Sponsored by: City of Redmond.

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