Fall is here, and salmon are returning to streams and rivers around Puget Sound. Watch for these natural beauties at viewing sites listed here - and cheer them on if you see them!

See Chinook, sockeye and coho salmon in North Creek

Dates: September, October and November (self-guided) and guided tour on Oct. 14 at 10am
Location: Start at North Creek Trail behind the Country Inn and Suites at 19333 North Creek Parkway in Bothell

For more information, contact Christi Cox, Bothell, at 425-806-6790 or christi.cox@bothellwa.gov (reachable during business hours).

Watch for Chinook salmon in September, sockeye in October and coho in November as they migrate up North Creek. Walk the paved trail north along the creek, crossing 195th Street, and continue through the North Creek Business Park. Make sure to check under bridges where fish often hide. Start behind the Country Inn and Suites at 19333 North Creek Parkway in Bothell.

A guided tour will be offered on October 14 at 10am. Orlay Johnson, a retired NOAA Research Fisheries Biologist, a Seattle Aquarium Beach Naturalist Supervisor, and a diver in the aquarium's dome will lead the tours. For more information on where the tours meet and how to register, see Bothell's website: http://www.ci.bothell.wa.us/1411/North-Creek-Salmon-Tours.

Sponsored by: City of Bothell.

North Creek sockeye

Chinook (photo courtesy City of Bothell)

Sockeye (photo courtesy City of Bothell)

Bus routes:

The closest bus is Route 535 which stops one block away on 195th. Routes 372 and 931 are a couple blocks east. The site is also within walking distance of the UW Bothell Campus, which is served by several more routes.

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