Take Winter by Storm

Emergency preparedness checklistWinter Preparation Check List
Take Winter by Storm - www.govlink.org/storm

Build a three-day emergency preparedness kit with essentials for family and pets — kits should be portable and ready to go in the case of evacuation

* Always double-check expiration dates and update your emergency preparedness kit every 6 months. Use daylight savings dates as a reminder to double-check your kit.

Other items to have on hand at your home or place of work or school

Specific items to include in your vehicle

Create and follow a weatherization/risk management plan for your home or property to minimize storm impacts



Make a family communication plan

* Let your family and friends know about TakeWinterByStorm.org. This Internet-based resource and educational tool should be integrated into your emergency preparedness and communication plans.

Take Winter by Storm - www.takewinterbystorm.org