What's New
Lake Washington/Cedar/Sammamish Watershed
Water Resource Inventory Area (WRIA) 8

WRIA 8 Legislative Priorities

The 2015 Legislative Priorities for Puget Sound Watershed Health and Salmon Habitat Recovery were approved by the WRIA 8 Salmon Recovery Council at the September 18, 2014 meeting.

2013/2014 Grant Awards

On December 4, 2013 the Washington Salmon Recovery Funding Board (SRFB) and the Puget Sound Partnership (PSP) awarded WRIA 8 $1,667,631 in SRFB/Puget Sound Acquisition and Restoration (PSAR) funding for the following five projects:

On August 26, 2013 WRIA 8 was awarded early action funding from SRFB and PSP to fund one project:

On September 9, 2013 WRIA 8 received $1,200,000 in Cooperative Watershed Management Grants from the King County Flood Control District. The ten projects and proposals funded inlcude:

Site-Specific Projects (6):

Monitoring Proposal (1):

Outreach and Education Proposals (3):

Two projects also received funding from returned King Conservation District funds:

Factsheets on Bulkheads and Docks are Available

WRIA 8 has produced two factsheet handouts designed for permit staff to give to landowners when they apply for shoreline permits:

WRIA 8 Five-Year Implementation Progress Report

The Five-Year Implementation Progress Report documents the state of the Chinook salmon populations, the watershed, and efforts to implement the WRIA 8 Chinook Conservation Plan during the first five years (2005-2010) of implementation. This information was presented and discussed at the WRIA 8 Summit: Our First Five Years - Our Future in December 2010.

Chinook Salmon Research Review Presentations

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service completed over a decade of research on the habitat use and behavior of juvenile Chinook salmon in the Lake Washington system. These presentations highlight research findings from this long-term study.