Salmon Recovery Council Members - 2018

Meetings of the WRIA 8 Salmon Recovery Council are generally held five to six times a year from 3:00 to 5:15 p.m. on the third Thursday of the month. A complete schedule of Salmon Recovery Council meetings is available. For schedule updates or other information, contact Jason Mulvihill-Kuntz,WRIA 8 Salmon Recovery Manager, at jason or 206-477-4780.

Salmon Recovery Council meeting agendas and documents

Organization Name Title
Town of Beaux Arts Village Vacant, Delegate Vacant
City of Bellevue John Stokes, Chair, Delegate Councilmember
City of Bothell Vacant, Alternate Vacant
James McNeal, Delegate Councilmember
City of Clyde Hill Bruce Dodds, Delegate Councilmember
City of Edmonds Diane Buckshnis, Delegate Councilmember
Kristina Johnson, Alternate Councilmember
Town of Hunts Point Ted Frantz, Delegate Councilmember
City of Issaquah Victoria Hunt, Delegate Councilmember
City of Kenmore Joe Marshall, Delegate Councilmember
David Baker, Alternate Mayor
City of Kent Vacant, Delegate Vacant
Mike Mactutis, Staff Alternate Environmental Engineering Manager
King County Rod Dembowski, Delegate Councilmember
Jeanne Kohl-Welles, Alternate Councilmember
Garrett Holbrook, Staff Alternate Legislative Aide
City of Kirkland Tom Neir, Delegate Councilmember
Jay Arnold, Alternate Deputy Mayor
City of Lake Forest Park Mark Phillips, Delegate, Vice-Chair Councilmember
Tom French, Alternate Councilmember
City of Maple Valley Dana Parnello, Delegate Deputy Mayor
Bill Allison, Alternate Councilmember
City of Medina Vacant, Delegate Vacant
Ryan Osada, Staff Alternate Public Works Director
City of Mercer Island Salim Nice, Delegate Deputy Mayor
Bruce Bassett, Alternate Councilmember
City of Mill Creek Jared Mead, Delegate Councilmember
Vince Cavaleri, Alternate Councilmember
City of Mountlake Terrace Doug McCardle, Delegate Councilmember
City of Mukilteo Jennifer Gregerson, Delegate Mayor
City of Newcastle Dave Mitchell, Delegate Councilmember
City of Redmond Hank Myers, Delegate Councilmember
City of Renton Ryan McIrvin, Delegate Councilmember
City of Sammamish Jason Ritchie, Delegate Councilmember
Pam Stuart, Alternate Councilmember
City of Seattle Teresa Mosqueda, Delegate Councilmember
Cyndy Holtz, Staff Alternate1 Major Watersheds Business Area Manager
Alex Chen, Staff Alternate2 Water Planning & Program Management Director
City of Shoreline Jesse Salomon, Delegate Deputy Mayor
Keith Scully, Alternate Councilmember
Snohomish County Brian Sullivan, Delegate Councilmember
Robert Knoll, Staff Alternate Council Staff
City of Woodinville Paula Waters, Delegate Councilmember
Susan Boundy-Sanders, Alternate Councilmember
Town of Woodway Carla Nichols, Delegate Mayor
Town of Yarrow Point Carl Scandella, Delegate Mayor Pro Tem
Alderwood Water & Wastewater District Mike Dixon, Delegate Commissioner
The Boeing Company Nancy Eklund, Delegate Representative
Cedar River Council Charles Ruthford, Delegate Representative
Forterra Judy Blanco, Delegate Project Manager - Cedar River Restoration
Friends of the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery (FISH) Richard Sowa, Delegate Director, Board of Directors
King Conservation District Bea Covington, Delegate Executive Director
Bill Knutsen, Alternate Supervisor, Board of Supervisors
Jessica Saavedra, Alternate Grant Program Manager
Long Live the Kings Jacques White, Delegate Director
Susan O'Neil, Alternate Senior Conservation Planning Manager
Mid-Sound Fisheries Enhancement Group Noel Gilbrough, Delegate Vice President, Board of Directors
Jeanette Dorner, Alternate Executive Director
Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust Tor Bell, Delegate Stewardship Director
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Fisheries Elizabeth Babcock, Delegate North Puget Sound Branch Coordinator
Michael Grady, Alternate Transportation Branch Chief
Sno-King Watershed Council Eric Adman, Delegate Board President
David Bain, Alternate Board Member
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) Vacant, Delegate Vacant
Washington Association of Sewer and Water Districts (WASWD) Mary Shustov, Delegate Commissioner, Sammamish Plateau Water
Washington Policy Center Don Davidson, Delegate Representative
WA State Department of Ecology Joan Nolan, Delegate Water Cleanup Specialist
Ralph Svrjcek, Alternate Water Cleanup Specialist
WA State Department of Fish & Wildlife Stewart Reinbold, Delegate Southern District Team Supervisor
Amy Windrope, Alternate North Puget Sound Regional Director
WA State Department of Natural Resources Joe Miles, Delegate KC Shoreline District Manager
Cailan Nealer, Alternate Aquatic Land Manager
Water Tenders/Trout Unlimited Gary Smith, Delegate Representative
Terry Lavender, Alternate Citizen Representative