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Shoreline Makeovers

Check out these examples of how your waterfront neighbors are transforming their shorelines.

Before After
Lakeshore Before Planting Lakeshore After Planting
Photo: Joanna A. Buehler
By planting shrubs, this lakeshore property owner reduced the size of her lawn, and dramatically improved the visual appeal of her yard. The vegetation overhanging the water will provide shade and food for juvenile Chinook salmon.

Before After
Dock Before Beach Cove Beach Cove After Project
Design and Photo: Ecco Design Inc.
This beach cove project created a new beach for the property owner. Removing the old dock created a more attractive shoreline and substantially improved shoreline rearing habitat for juvenile Chinook salmon.

Before After
Park Before Beach Restoration Park After Beach Restoration
Design and Photo: Anchor Environmental

By setting back the existing bulkhead, this project at Denny Blaine Park converted a grassy field that was disconnected from the lakeshore, into a useable beach with wading access. The gradual sloping shoreline will improve rearing opportunities for juvenile Chinook salmon.

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