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Which Shoreline Approach Would Work for My Property?

Result: Set Back Bulkhead

Based on the specific conditions of your lakeshore property, a bulkhead may be needed to maintain the stability of your yard. By moving a bulkhead back several feet away from the water line, you may be able to gain a beach and improve lakeshore functions.

Setting back a bulkhead does not mean losing useable land. Rather, with proper design and maintenance, the setback should result in a trade between lawn and a useable beach. The habitat value of setting back a bulkhead will be significantly augmented by planting vegetation along the lakeshore.

Beach Stairs
Design: The Watershed Company, Photo: City of Seattle Design and Photo: The Watershed Company

Other Lakeshore Approaches to Consider

Want more information? Check out the guidebook: Green Shorelines: Bulkhead Alternatives for a Healthier Lake Washington.