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Which Shoreline Approach Would Work for My Property?

Result: Beach Coves

Beach coves are the most common type of green shoreline in Lake Washington. They provide homeowners with:

Beach coves provide a small area where juvenile Chinook salmon can congregate, and the habitat is particularly beneficial to these small salmon when accompanied by shoreline planting.

To maintain stability, beach coves should not be steeper than a 4:1 slope (4 horizontal feet for each vertical foot).

Beach Cove Beach Cove Fire Ring
Design and Photo: Hendrikus Group Design and Photo: Ecco Design, Inc. Design and Photo: Darwin Webb Landscape Architects

Other Lakeshore Approaches to Consider

A beach cove is probably well suited for your property, but you could also consider the following options to soften your shoreline while protecting your property from erosion damage.

Regardless of which approach you choose, Shoreline Planting is appropriate for every property, and will improve lakeshore habitat for young Chinook salmon.

Want more information? Check out the guidebook: Green Shorelines: Bulkhead Alternatives for a Healthier Lake Washington.