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South Central LIO Hosts 2018 Near-term Action Development Workshop

Have questions about developing your 2018 near-term action and want to hear more about the South Central LIOs priorities for Puget Sound recovery? Please attend our upcoming workshop in January 2018.

When: January 10 from 1 pm – 3 pm
Where: Kent City Hall (Centennial South (Suite 105)/North (Suite 107) - 400 West Gowe Street, Kent, WA 98032)

For more information, please contact Gretchen Muller at or 206.449.1115.

Upcoming meetings
View agenda and handouts on meeting calendar and workplan page.

Puget Sound PartnershipThe South Central Action Area Group is the Local Integrating Organization (LIO) for Puget Sound Recovery and was officially recognized by the Puget Sound Partnership’s Leadership Council in 2010. The South Central Action Area is located in the Central Puget Sound region and is responsible for integrating efforts to advance the Action Agenda of the Puget Sound Partnership. The South Central Action Area is one of several local governments, tribes, non-profit organizations, watershed, marine resource, and salmon recovery groups, interest groups, businesses, educational organizations, and citizens are collaborating to develop and coordinate local integrating organizations that foster implementation of Action Agenda priorities.

The local integrating organizations enable communities to guide the implementation of Action Agenda priorities at an ecosystem scale, and to prioritize local actions for investment.

Coordination and integration approach

The South Central Action Area contains well-functioning, coordinated efforts to restore habitat, protect habitat, and reduce water pollution. A Caucus Group formed several years ago under the leadership of King County to advise the Ecosystem Coordination Board representative for this area, as well as to build on and support the work of existing groups and to improve action area communication, coordination, and integration among these different efforts. The South Central Action Area Caucus Group has identified, refined and confirmed action area priorities using input from constituents. The Caucus Group will also help identify opportunities to improve local coordination and integration of Puget Sound recovery efforts and update and inform the action area representative to the Ecosystem Coordination Board.

The King County ECO Net is a partnership of nonprofit organizations, government agencies and private entities that work together to conduct joint activities as well as provide a forum for education, outreach, and involvement opportunities for our community members to restore and protect ecosystem health in the county.

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