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Natural Yard Care

How? It's easy...

  1. Build healthy soil
    • compost
    • mulch
    • fertilizer
  2. Plant right for your site
  3. Smart watering
  4. Avoid pesticides
    • beneficial insects & biological controls
    • chemical remedies
    • physical remedies
    • problem plants
    • diseases
    • pests
  5. Natural lawn care
    • mowing
    • fertilizing
    • watering
    • improve poor soil
    • avoid "weed and feed"
    • grass alternatives

For a copy of the "5 easy steps to natural yardcare" brochure: Natural Yard Care (King County Solid Waste Division)

Click here to watch a video on "Road to Healthy Public Places".

Why go natural?
By making some simple changes in how we care for our yards we can:

  • Save money on water, waste disposal, and chemicals
  • Save time - working with nature is easier
  • Save the environment
    • protect our families' health
    • conserve our precious water supplies and leave more in rivers for salmon too
    • keep our streams and lakes clean by reducing the need for chemicals
    • recycle yard trimmings into free fertilizer
  • Make a healthy, beautiful yard (without working too hard!)


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